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    consulting image with a laptop, a pencil, a couch, and some ideasWe help people craft strategies for startup, growth, and change. Whether you鸿运彩票新版 need help with…

    • Opportunity recognition
    • Business model design
    • Pricing
    • Goal-setting and strategy
    • Diagnosing a problem
    • Crafting you鸿运彩票新版r brand

    …We’re happy to help.

    Just fill out this contact form, and we’ll set up a free 30-minute phone conversation to see what kind of value we can deliver for you鸿运彩票新版.


    We’re available for speaking to:

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Educators
    • Students
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Companies in transition
    • Anyone with an interest in the Craft of Entrepreneurship

    E-mail us at captain鸿运彩票新版@ to request speaking services.