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    Tag Archive: social enterprise

    Social Enterprise Academy Day 3

    At the beginning of Day 3, Randy White shared about soul care for the social entrepreneur.

    After getting an update from each entrepreneur, , and how to properly model and plan you鸿运彩票新版r business.

    For today’s field trip, we visited . Steve and Carolyn Ocheltree shared their entrepreneurial journey with us and fed us some delicious tomato basil soup and bierocks. Steve also mentioned as a great tool for startup accounting.

    Social Enterprise Academy participants share lunch at the Tree of Life Café.

    Randy White interviews Steve Ocheltree at Tree of Life Café.

    Steve Ocheltree speaks at Tree of Life Café.

    After lunch, Alex Hussain-Leon shared some excellent tech and productivity tips. Some of the tools he shared include:

    • (and all the associated tools)
    •  – A project management tool
    •  – A great free Hubspot
    •  – A great free graphic design tool

    Jeremy Hofer from Access Plus Capital shares about startup funding for social entrepreneurs.

    Jeremy Hofer from explained sources of startup funding for entrepreneurs, shared some financial management tools, and made social entrepreneurs ready to interact with lenders (if that becomes necessary).

    Jeremy shared this business startup costs worksheet

    And this cashflow projections template

    And this financial projections spreadsheet

    Some of the participants in the Social Enterprise Academy include:

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Social Enterprise Academy – Resources from Day 2

    For day 2, we heard from , , and .

    Brice Yocum talks with social entrepreneurs about iterating on ideas

    Stuff Brice shared:

    • by Tim Brown
    • Design thinking: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test
    • Fairness is overrated. Don’t serve everyone: serve one group with excellence.
    • You can’t swing at every pitch!

    Rex B drops some sales knowledge.

    Stuff Rex shared:

    • You are all salespeople!
    • Nobody cares about you鸿运彩票新版r product. They care about themselves and their problems.
    • Create templates for
      • Cold-calling
      • E-mail
      • Social media selling
    • : a Gmail add-on that supercharges e-mail
    • : tool for scheduling meetings
    • : platform for managing and signing contracts
    • : Free-to-start, easy credit-card-processing
    • : platform for recruiting and hiring
    • : Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and InBound Marketing
    • Free e-mail marketing
    • Rex’s book,

    Miles Sebesta talk marketing hypothesis and testing.

    Stuff Miles shared:

    • Guess, Test, Learn
    • Using personalizes, automated tools to better interact with prospects on social media
    • : a book about designing digital products
    • Choose you鸿运彩票新版r communication channels based on you鸿运彩票新版r target customer
    • Miles’s webinar on marketing and sales growth
    • Gary V’s experiment

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    Social Enterprise Academy

    Here’s of these photos.

    Today marked the first day of the Social Enterprise Academy run by the at Fresno Pacific University. I’ve been privileged to get to work on this project as a writer, an entrepreneurship advisor, mentor, and instructor. Here are a few photos from the first day, along with some of the resources we used.


    These worksheets are created and copyrighted by and Strategyzer AG, and used . These are the same team who produced the wonderful book.

    • – Here’s a canvas for mapping the value prop, including customer pains, customer gains, and customer jobs.
    • – This worksheet helps you鸿运彩票新版 to walk through a day in the life of you鸿运彩票新版r target customer and find their pains, gains, and jobs. Use this to find the problems you鸿运彩票新版 can solve with a value proposition.
    • – ideas about creating a value proposition from you鸿运彩票新版r customer profile.
    • – Use these questions to find customer gains you鸿运彩票新版 can solve with a value proposition.
    • – Use these questions to find out more about customer gains.
    • – Use these questions to figure out which jobs you鸿运彩票新版 can take off our customer’s plate.
    • – Use these questions to find customer pains you鸿运彩票新版 can solve.
    • – More screening for ideas about customer pains.
    •  – This is a tool for exploring customer segments, including customer segments by zipcode lookup.

    Here are my slides from today’s presentation:

    Thanks to everyone who joined us today! Please let me know if there are questions I can answer or additional resources I can add. I look forward to 3 more good sessions!

    How to get started with hardly any money

    This is a slideshow from a talk I gave .

    It goes through some bootstrapping techniques used when starting a new business. This talk concentrated on Social Enterprises and the unique advantages and challenges of such. “What is a social enterprise?” you鸿运彩票新版 may ask. That’s a great question and a subject for another day’s blog post.

    For now, please let me know if there are areas of the presentation that you鸿运彩票新版’d like to see explained in detail. Leave a comment below if you鸿运彩票新版’d like to talk about this further.

    The Slides

    The Presentation